About Us

We Take Human Poverty Personally

Who “We” Are

Two sisters in Salvadoran village

We are volunteers who like most North Americans enjoy far more opportunities and luxury than most people in the world ever get.
We are people who would like to personally pass it on by widening the circle of opportunity for people who are trapped in poverty.
We are people who want the meaningful adventure of personally doing something that transforms lives and society without just waiting for our government to do it for us.

Humanity’s Other Half

Unlike you and me, most human beings;

  • cannot read or write,
  • survive through subsistence farming,
  • live in simple shelters, without clean drinking water, adequate nutrition, health care, education, or any social services,
  • earn about $300 a year,
  • have no hope of employment,
  • cannot guarantee a better future for their children.

What Poor People Need Most

Rather than abandon half of humanity to extreme poverty, we can ensure that all people have access to the essential requirements for physical survival and spiritual well-being.

With modest and affordable efforts we can provide what they need to improve their lives: clean water, adequate food, a clinic, a school, and opportunities and encouragement to create a better life.

IP co-founder, Paula Beckman with children in village

What You and I Can Do Personally

What people in a poor, remote community need most is personalized attention that empowers them to claim their own capacities. As volunteers, we can build personal relationships with a family, community, a school, or a student.

Our respect, caring, and encouragement inspire hope and provide opportunities that empower people to improve their own lives.

Our IP Plan

The most effective, efficient, and ethical response to poverty is encouraging grassroots self-leadership.

  • We encourage people in poor, remote villages to make plans that would improve the future for their children.
  • Some of us travel with a delegation to personally live and work on the village project.
  • Many of us find the resources necessary to help our Salvadoran partners implement their plans.
  • We join Partner Teams to communicate, encourage, and support self-leadership in each community.