Cacahuatal reading awards

At International Partners, we believe that education is the lever that can help Salvadoran families to improve their economic security.  Providing that opportunity requires overcoming the barriers.  On average, children in rural Salvadoran villages only complete four years of schooling. Many children drop out because a family earning only a few hundred dollars a year typically struggle to pay the costs for transportation and supplies.

Even students who stay in school are at risk. Public schools are typically half-day and face a shortage of basic resources such as books, computers, and other didactic materials.  Classes are frequently over-crowded and teachers receive few professional development opportunities to gain the skills they need to teach students with varied learning needs. As a result, many students struggle to achieve minimal standards in math and reading on international assessments.

End of year meeting at Centro Cassie Biblioteca

IP is committed to addressing these challenges through the following initiatives: