How to Enroll Your Group

Application Process for Special Service Delegation Teams

Inquiry Process for Group Applications

  • If you are organizing your own group through a college, high school, club, religious group, or other organization, you should contact International Partners as early as possible (by emailing to discuss your interests and time frame.
  • Submit a Special Delegation Inquiry Form that can be accessed here.
  • Once a plan has been established, all participants must complete an individual application and a $100 processing fee.
  • An International Partners representative will work with your group organizer to explore your preferences and discuss customized options for your group.

Basic Application Criteria

  • Must be 16 years old by June 1. There is no upper age limit.
  • Spanish language skills are recommended for at least part of your group.
  • Good physical health

All participants must also be able and willing to participate in group fundraising activities established by your group organizer and complete training sessions established by the trip coordinator.

Service Fees

Your service fee covers accommodations, meals, in-country travel for delegation related activities, IP leadership, travel insurance for medical emergencies and evacuation, costs of project preparation and coordination, administrative costs, and a project contribution.

Service fees do not cover other participant expenses including (but not limited to): airfare, entry visas, food or lodging before or after the designated time and date of the trip, medical expenses, any additional costs for getting to or from optional travel or activities, expenses involving tips, telephone calls, postage, gifts, optional snacks or beverages that are not a customary part of meals, passport fees, fees for immunizations

Special Delegations Group Organizer

If you are participating in the program as part of an organized group, your Group Organizer is responsible for collecting applications, application fees, interviewing potential participants, and submitting these by the deadline to the International Partners office.

IP Training Program

To get ready for your trip, you are required to participate in a series of training sessions as designated by your trip coordinator. Many training sessions can be completed on-line after you have registered for the trip. Your group organizer will also schedule a series of regular meetings for participants prior to the trip and will schedule a series of meetings for parents of participants under age 21. Training includes the following information:

  • Salvadoran History and Culture
  • Health & Safety, and Basic First Aid
  • Fundraising
  • Project Skills and Village Life Skills
  • Personal Behavior Agreement
  • International Partners Vision, Mission, and Policies

Team Assignments for Individual Participants

During the in-take interview you will have the opportunity to indicate your project/location/team preference. Though preferences will be considered, they cannot be guaranteed. Team assignments for individual participants will be based on the needs of the teams and the projects and the following:

  • Spanish fluency distribution
  • Male-female distribution
  • Participant skills and abilities matched with project needs
  • Special interests of participants

Insurance Requirements

Your participation fee includes international emergency medical insurance.  In addition, all participants are required to carry their own US health insurance in the unlikely event that an accident exceeds the maximum coverage. Check with their insurance company to verify that your policy is valid for accidents or illnesses that occur outside the US.

Passport Requirements

You must have a current US passport with an expiration date six months after their scheduled trip. If you do not have a passport, apply for one immediately as passport numbers are needed to purchase group airline tickets and travel insurance. (If you have a non-US passport, you must research and document the entry requirements for El Salvador and submit that information with your application.) Click here for more information on passport requirements.


While there are no immunizations required for entry into El Salvador, IP recommends the following:

  • An up-to-date tetanus booster
  • Hepatitis A
  • Participant skills and abilities matched with project needs
  • Hepatitis B, particularly recommended for those who will working on medical teams
  • COVID vaccination (REQUIRED by IP)

Contact your physician at least 6 weeks before departure and inform her/him that you will be traveling to rural El Salvador. Some doctors may also recommend additional medications for malaria and immunization for typhoid fever.

Remember that beyond the immunizations recommended by IP, you in consultation with your physician are responsible for determining the medications to be taken before departure and while in country. Additional information can be obtained from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 404/639-3311; or from Passport Heath;


In many cases, fundraising is an essential part of paying for your trip. Fundraising ideas and opportunities are provided on this Web site in our online delegate training course. After you have registered for a trip you will be given instructions on how to access online training. The course discusses effective fundraising strategies including letter writing and home benefit parties. Some groups also hold events such as fiestas, concerts, car washes, silent auctions, etc. Samples and information are provided to support you in these activities if you wish to fund raise to cover your airfare and service fees. Your group may also decide to do larger, joint fundraising activities to cover project costs. One half of the payment due two months prior to your departure, payment in full is due at least one month prior to your departure.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

International Partners makes commitments to communities and to suppliers far in advance of your trip. Therefore, if you have to withdraw from the program or from optional add-on activities, cancellation feels may be required. The processing fee submitted at the time of application is non-refundable. The following chart outlines the fee schedule in the event of a withdrawal. Donations made to International Partners in your name through fundraising efforts are also not refundable. (In the event of participant withdrawal, donations will be applied to the amount due.) Withdrawal must be made in writing, signed by you, and, if you are under 18 years of age, s by your parents or guardians.
Withdrawal Notice Received
Cancellation Fee Due
More than 90 days notice given $50.00
60 days notice 1/4 service fee
Between 30 and 45 days notice given 1/2 service fee
Fewer than 29 days prior to departure full service fee
(Notice of withdrawal must be received in writing and refund determinations will be made at the conclusion of the trip.)


Once teams are in country, there are no refunds because of early departure or dismissal. In the event that a participant leaves early or violates the behavior agreement and is sent home, all costs of early departure will be at the participant’s expense.


International Partners reserves the right to dismiss from the program without refund, any participant whose conduct is: 1) detrimental to the safety, physical or mental health of the participant, other members of the program, or their host community; 2) improper or offensive to the host community; or 3) is unwilling or incapable of participating fully in a cross-cultural experience. Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to: violations of the signed conduct agreement; the use of drugs, alcohol or weapons or 4) who leave the area without permission of the trip leader.

Click here to read the Behavior Agreement closely before enrolling. Driving motor vehicles, hitchhiking, and walking alone outside of designated areas are often dangerous and are strictly prohibited while participating in the program.

Additional costs for dismissal or withdrawal shall be borne by the participant.