Delegate Training – Lesson 7

Daily Schedule

You will wake up about 6 am to bathe, dress, and chat with your family. You will get used to it because early mornings are cool and beautiful. You arrive for breakfast at 7 am sharp with everything you need for your work day (water, sunscreen, toilet paper, insect repellent, hat). During the breakfast you will have a health check. At 7:45 you will have a planning meeting with your work team to set your goals and tasks for the day. From 8am until noon you work at your project, and then take two hours for lunch, journal writing (required), siesta, and free time. At 2pm you go back to work until 4pm when you meet to review the day noticing progress and proposing changes and goals for the next day.

Then your free time often includes soccer, softball, frisbee, marbles, jump rope, hiking, journal writing, bathing, laundry, visits with your family, and trips to the tienda to buy cokes, snacks, and hang out. At 6 you go to dinner wearing long pants and long sleeves to prevent mosquito bites, carrying a flashlight, and rain gear if it is threatening a downpour. There might be an evening program, or you may ask your family for their personal stories. At 9 pm you get ready for bed and hit the sack.
(For schedule, link to Appendix E – A Typical Day in the Community).

Video – A Day in the Life of a Service Delegate