Delegate Training – Lesson 8

Going to Work

A. Projects

  • Each project will have a delegate project leader and a community project leader.
  • Each project leader is responsible for their volunteers and for planning the day’s work, including when work starts and stops each day. Usually the work starts by 8 am or earlier to take advantage of the cool morning hours. Safety first is the first rule. Working hard is the second.
  • Projects vary from digging trenches for pipes, cement mixing, concrete block carrying, painting, and planting trees to teaching pre-schoolers or giving an English lesson in a local public school.

B. Milpa y Casa

Depending on the need for labor on your project, leaders may decide that 2 delegates may go to the fields to work with the man of their host family, and 2 delegates may work with the cooks to prepare the delegation’s meals. Smaller delegations may decide not to do this so as not to limit their work on their project.

Video – Community Projects-How are they brought to life