International Partners was originally founded as a program of the Washington Ethical Society (WES) and sponsored by the American Ethical Union. WES is an interfaith community of 400 members. Its purpose is to elicit the best from the human spirit by participation in projects that build human capacity, promote human rights and equal opportunity and create an ethical culture. WES was founded in 1944 to serve members who share this commitment in the Washington metropolitan area.

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WES is part of the American Ethical Union (AEU). Since 1876, AEU members have left a legacy of social progress. Members have participated in founding such projects as the Visiting Nurses, the Legal Aid Society, the first free kindergarten, the Hudson Guild Settlement House, the Child Study Association, the NAACP, Ethical Society schools, the Weis Ecology Center, the Prison Reform Task Force, Riverdale Mental Health Clinic and the National Helping Hands to End Hunger and Homelessness. The Ethical Societies participate in numerous national and international associations and have observer status at the United Nations.