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Live and work with a subsistence farm family changing their lives forever
— and possibly yours.

Adventure - Something REALLY DIFFERENT

People in a remote Salvadoran village will welcome you and your team of 12 volunteers. You'll share their lives and houses, eating and working as they do. You'll hear their personal stories of survival. You'll enjoy the love, play, and laughter that animates them.

"Living in a two-room house with a dirt floor, working and playing, I woke up each day happier than I ever felt." — Quote from 4 time delegate

Meaningful - Something that REALLY MATTERS.

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Thanks to you families will have water or a school. Subsistence farm families raise their own food and earn an average of $300 a year. Their worst deprivation is lack of hope. Your visit allows them to dream and imagine a better future for their children. You will change a poor village forever.

"How often do you get to personally build a school that gives children new hope for a better life?" — Quote from 2004 delegate

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