Disability Initiative

People with disabilities who live in remote rural areas face many obstacles that prevent them from getting education and health services and participating in their communities.  Although the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) has been ratified in El Salvador, overcoming the challenge of providing such services requires resources that are out of reach for most families, villages and local schools.

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Young woman with disabilities and her mother


Young woman with disabilities in adobe house

Cacahuatal-Public Awareness Campaign mural

In the communities where there are IP Education Centers, we are committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities are not stigmatized in their villages, are included  in our education centers, can participate in other aspects of community life and receive the public services they need.

Our goal is to identify individuals with disabilities and in each village and determine the kinds of assistance they need to participate more fully in family and community life.  As part of this project we are:


Youth with disabilities at computer

  • Launching a Public Awareness Campaign in each village,
  • Identifying individuals with disabilities in each community,
  • Interviewing individuals with disabilities and/or their families to determine needs,
  • Including students with disabilities in the IP Education Centers/”bibliotecas”,
  • Providing training for facilitators in the IP Education Centers/”bibliotecas”,
  • Making home visits,
  • Consulting with experts in special education, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language,
  • Creating a resource manual for individuals with disabilities and their families,
  • Hosting a series of “encuentros” with disability rights organizations, professionals, individuals with disabilities and families in El Salvador,
  • Securing needed services wherever possible
  • Establishing “Circulos de Amigos” in villages to support persons with disabilities

To help us identify and serve individuals with disabilities and their families?  – Please email us NOW at director@internationalpartners.org