Scholarship students in Cacahuatal and Hacienda Vieja

In rural El Salvador, families who rely on subsistence farming often make as little as about $500 a year. Since most families have more than one child, it is often impossible for parents to afford schooling. Even though public schools are free, sending just one child to school costs families between $200-$800 per year (which covers school supplies, transportation, food, etc.). The result is that 4th grade is the average level of education for people in rural El Salvador, with many never attending school at all. Without help, this means that another generation cannot break out of the cycle of poverty.

Cruz with certificate acknowledging her IP scholarship

Your scholarship makes what was once an impossible dream become a real possibility. As younger students see their older peers graduate from high school, college, and vocational schools, they are inspired with the faith that they, too, can reap the benefits of education.

Please keep this ripple effect going by providing a scholarship to one of our hardworking students. Education is their only path to a better life. Your gift will make a world of a difference. If you choose to support a student with a scholarship, you will receive photos, letters, and updates.

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