Empowering People in the World’s Poorest Places

Do You Share our Vision?

Every person, no matter how poor, should have access to clean water, education, health care and the opportunity to create a better world.

Our Mission

The mission of International Partners is to cultivate leadership capacity and create personal partnerships with grass-roots leaders to bring education, health, and opportunity to people in economically impoverished communities.

Building a community center and a partnerships with local leader

Change Strategies

  • Develop and support local leadership
  • Support communities to participatory community planning, project design and implementation
  • Support rural families to develop projects and businesses that will improve their access to income, education and nutrition
  • Fund basic social programs with the income from a functioning farm
  • Use environmentally responsible strategies and fair employment policies
  • Provide access to resources to support education (e.g., books, computers, didactic materials, enrichment activities, classes, homework support
  • Enlist service delegations who learn about community needs, develop relationships with families, and facilitate community development
  • Provide scholarships for completion of basic, secondary, and post-secondary education and training
  • Facilitate the inclusion of persons with disabilities in community and educational settings
  • Provide access to emergency medical and disaster aid

For more information about how you can help with programs in any of these areas, click Helping at Home or email us at director@internationalpartners.org.