Early Childhood Initiative

Preschoolers in Palo Grande playing with blocks

At International Partners, we are aware of the importance of early education in sending children to school prepared to learn. This is especially true when parents don’t have access to books and may not be able to read and write themselves. Our education centers welcome preschool age children and their parents, provide books and other materials appropriate for young children, give them social experiences with children their own age, and prepare them to attend school.

Our goal is to replicate in our successful preschool program in Hacienda Vieja in each education center  – with activities and hours specifically tailored for young children. If you’d like to get involved, please contact us: director@internationalpartners.org.

Learning to recycle in Hacienda Vieja

Preschoolers with delegate in Hacienda Vieja

Preschoolers outdoors in Hacienda Vieja