Delegate Training – Lesson 9

Your Personal Health

A. No Communications Home – No News Is Good News

After you notify home that you arrived safety, you will have no access to phones or e-mail – except in an emergency. If teens need medical care, parents will be informed. Assure your family that no news is good news.

B. Doctor On Call, Etc.

Your trip leader will do a health check-up on you daily, and has protocols to follow in response to symptoms. IP has a doctor-on-call who can be reached by telephone, will see a sick delegate as needed, and can prescribe treatment and medications. We keep a 4 wheel drive truck and driver in the community to ensure we can get to the nearby hospital which is about 20 minutes away. IP has medical insurance to pay your medical costs and includes a medical flight home if necessary.

C. Your IP Medical Insurance Policy

Your IP medical insurance will pay any necessary health care costs. Carry your card with you at all times. You must send to International Partners (528 Ashford Dr. Silver Spring, Maryland 20910) a photocopy of your passport and your age plus a description of any special health issues or medicines you need.

D. Immunizations

No immunizations are required to go to El Salvador, but your routine immunizations should be up to date. Check with your doctor and do whatever is suggested. Some people get malaria pills from their doctor, which are taken 1 per week starting 2 weeks prior to your trip and continuing 4 weeks after you return. A shot of gamma globulin (GG) is suggested to prevent hepatitis A (infectious hepatitis). A vaccination for typhoid is a recommended precaution. You might have a doctor who prefers to send you with Cipro, an anti-biotic, but it is easily available in El Salvador, as well, if the IP doctor we have on-call prescribes it for you.